BisexualMeet Dating

I never think that I will Know Bisexual someday. There are a lot of amazing people in the world like black people, white people and Bisexual. Bisexual have no different with others. I think they are explorer to find out the secret of human. There is no exactly data have reported to show how many Bisexual in the world.27

In my opinions the Bisexual is non-countable. Because of lots of people cannot realize they are Bisexual. They can live as a normal many years if no one tells them the impress of Bisexual.

There is a story about a Bi-man. He has a girlfriend during the college time. Then the girl said good-bye to him. The boy has been feeling flat. Until another boy we called boy-B comes out. Boy-B is cooking for him everyday, walking and talking with him. They live together after months later. Finally the boy has finding out that he is loving man. A Bi-man is realizing.

Most of this situation the boy will have another girlfriend. But boy-B changes the result. Not every relationship has a boy-B. So that I don’t think every Bisexual can realize the truth.

In other words, there are many Bisexual are still live as normal. It’s not a bad thing. Bisexual comes out from ancient time in Rome and China have a lot of records. It’s has a long history. The scientist work out that there is about 0.4% man and 0.9% woman are Bisexual in America. Even with different country, environment and culture the proportion of Bisexual is correspond roughly to America.


Bisexual is the aggregation of heterosexuality and homosexual. I cannot understand the feeling of Bisexual. But I think they can find the lover more easily. Somebody think that every Bisexual is like threesome but I don’t think so. Every one has itself love and no matter what the chose is.All guesses cannot change the real heart for love.

Although the quantity of Bisexual is thin but to exist is reasonable. We need them to help exploring human. Just like exploring the potential of brain.

Not all Bisexual want to self-revelation. Some Bisexual prefer to living as normal. They find the life they really want. It’s a good thing.

Also a part of Bisexual doesn’t shame to show the sexual orientation. In their opinions this is a kind of fashion. And it’s very cool. Most of those people are young. In the age of open our mind and release heart. They can receive new thought very fast. There are more and more people like to join reality TV show. It doesn’t mean people have no sense of shame. Now they prefer to show the truth of a human. It’s meaning we get a big progress when we can accept all different minds with an undisturbed heart. Not only Bisexual but also all things happened on us.

Anyway, best wishes to Bisexual. It’s really hard to find another Bisexual as one of them. Come here if you need help.


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