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Today let’s talk about why people cannot accept different species in their group. Such as someone will be pushed out when he/she show preeminent ability.


That’s because the ability of all member in the group keeps balance. No one is special. But others will feel to be menaced when someone in the group shows preeminent ability. So all normal will push out the special one that they can feel safe. It’s easy to be understood. This behavior depends on the inferiority complex of normal person. Their life goes smooth if there is no different species. Everyone works when he is working. Everyone get off work when he gets off work. But they feel been hurt when they discover someone keep working after getting off work.

In their mind people should do things in logical order. Everyone is same so that they cannot feel pressure of work. But someone try the best to work can take them big pressure of work. They will think about the man is showing to everyone that he is more hardworking than others. The opposite comes out. The old team will try to isolate the specie one. Until he dare not to be different species.


It’s unfair to the different species. He just wants to work hard. Then he will discover that nobody talked with him and nobody helped him when he met difficulty. He must live like others everyday until no difference with them. This is the reason why someone doesn’t dare to show ability. He afraid to be the one been pushed out.

People often like to classification others according to some model or trait. And mark the people similar with himself. Classification these people to the same type and decide others with the standard. Because human is very complex and hard to understand. They customize the standard to helping discern others fast.

When the different special comes out they feel dread. For example someone play game everyday but he can get 100 score in the final exam. And you study hard but get 90 score. You will think that he must cheat in the exam. You try to gain over others to believe in your standpoint.

This point of view is tenable to Bisexual. Everyone have a girlfriend/boyfriend but for Bisexual they can have both. Someone think it’s abnormal. Because he cannot do that love a girl and the same time love a boy. So he is trying to foment others to against Bisexual. More and more people believe him as time goes on. Some day Bisexual began to doubt themselves. No one will help you when you give up yourself.

What I want to say is everyone is free nobody have the power to change other’s choose. Love what you are really loves. Follow your heart. To be a bisexual is not a bad thing.


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