Wish hand in hand with you as Bisexual!

9897FBCE24A25A8B094AE4CC4697D58CWhen i see the picture, someplace in my heart is been touched.  How much they want to hand in hand like normal lovers!!! but they cannot. Man A want to break loose from Man B’s hand. But his hand is been catched firmly by Man B. I wish all lovers in the world can live together forever.

No matter where you come from and no matter what’s your name. There is one thing between us are same. We all need love. Different from the food, water, air we cannot live without these things in few days or few minutes. Without love we will not die and we can live like before. It looks like there has nothing happened. Someone think bisexual can live as usual without love. Because that they can love both boy and girl. But in fact, when lose love the pain of heart more than to dies one hundred times.

The people that never get true love sees no need for grieved when lose love. But they must know the story of Romeo and Juliet. Everyone ever heard the story feel sad. Why we feel sad? There is no relationship between us and the leading role. Even no one meet them before. The reason is that we can feel the love between Romeo and Juliet. Likes we breathe automatic. We love the niceness. And don’t want to see it been broken. The love between bisexuals has no different to others. The love is true. It’s one of the most niceness things.

We feel beautiful image when girl and boy hand in hand on the street. But most people feel strange when they see two boys hand in hand. They cannot accept the action. The dislikeable feeling increase several times over when they see two boys kisses. They only care about the movement. Never think about that it is full of love inside the action. The meaning of the movement has no difference with others’. The only difference is that the movement happened on two boys. It’s the reason why bisexual’s love is difficult.

No right of speech when you don’t have investigation. I cannot understand why people criticism bisexual. Bisexual have nothing to do with them. There isn’t any official report show endanger of bisexual. The dissenter even cannot offer powerful report to explain the reason why against bisexual.

If you are bisexual. You don’t need to feel inferior. Don’t be shame and you just need to release yourself. Give the best love to your sweetie. This is the power of every legal freeman. Remember the words “you can laugh me, but my love is true”. As is know to everyone, is difficult to find right one. Don’t worry you are not single. The platform onlybidating.com is set for bisexual, bi man&bi woman, bi couples and bi-curious. Thousands of bi people are here and waiting for your message. Convenience and safe is most important to the site. Best luck to you!!!


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