Shout out or keep silence? – I’m bisexual!

People always can find out some new topics to talk about everyday. We hear the discussion on news, bus or in a coffee shop. Most of the discussions have nothing to do with us. For the most part of people talk about are gossip news and little nothings of life. But have you ever heard some discussion about special topic. For example, did you ever hear some one talking about bisexual?

Maybe you have ever heard that someone is talking about the superman. You don’t care about that. Because that the superman have nothing to do with you. It’s quite nature that people will not notice things have nothing to do with them. This is not inhospitality. The life is transitoriness just like snow, we don’t have redundant time to notice all the things happened around us. Like the hero only could take care of the people nearby in movies, much less for the normal people.

11899996_1085209348163602_3555969661779713398_nSometimes you can hear that someone talking about bisexual. They criticize the bisexual and enumerate the shortcoming of bisexual in public. What do you think about at the same time? Put a bold face on it and go on to drink your tee or retort them by tough words. No matter which way you choose to face the situation, the thing is connection to you. Because that you don’t ignore it as worthless information. You are thinking about how to face it. It takes your time. This is the most difference between things you concerned or not.

So let’s talk about your choice, shout out or keep silence? Yeah, in fact it’s difficult to give the right answer. No matter which one you choose you cannot solve the problem perfect. If you shout out to the people talking about bisexual, you will quarrel with each other. And no problems have been solved. If you keep silence, it’s feeling unwell to your heart. We know that everything can not break away from the fate, talked about by people. It’s not only a bad thing but also it’s good for bisexual. People talk about the bisexual means that they are taking care of it. They are spending time to think about bisexual. No one is perfect, the same to bisexual. Some people talk about the bad thing and some people talk about the good thing. So if you are a bisexual, neither to shout out them nor keep silence. You can join their discussion as a bisexual. Understand what they are thinking about so that you can retort them. Listening is more important than talking.

Take no notice of the useless information. Your time is valuable. Spend it on enjoy life, and looking for your happiness. Who can call into question your life when everyone admires it? Live as a happiness people, live as a happiness bisexual!


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