Bisexual should dominate the life!

We often talk about that I feel so tired and I have no time to do something. It seems that we are use to say those words. Now, let’s stop doing anything and think about what happened to us.

No matter who you are? Bisexual, homosexual & straight have the same life. We all grow up from a child. What we heard the most is the words: “why you don’t do that yet?”; “you should do something”; “forget your dream and finish the work”. It just like we should live as the world requires us to be. The whole world likes an ant’s nest and everyone is a worker ant. Do what you should do and you will be fine. Otherwise you will be labeled as intractably and rebelliously. It’s means you are a bad girl & boy.

But only you know who you are, what you really like. You just have a little different from others. You want your life become exciting and miraculous. But life is fighting against between the traditional and nontraditional. I think it’s the reason why social keeps progressing.

Down the ages, there are many cultures to be born. Why the children’s fairy stories and novels are come down? Because the intractably and rebelliously come out at every ages. They describe their dreams in the stories and novels. Even hundreds year past those dreams didn’t disappear. Opposite, they become the guide of our life.

But what story will popular in the future? It must be our stories. It’s time to say goodbye to the words: ”you should”. It’s time to looking for the dream that “I should” to create. To be a bisexual, there is no experience for us to learn about. Maybe you cannot find another bisexual when you realized that you are a bisexual too. Fears, worries around you but only have no help.

You ask yourselves that what I should do. There is no answer, everyone have different life. If there is no answer, we create it. You are the god in your world. You are the only one that could dominate your life. No repeat, no compromise and chase what you really like. If you are a bisexual-woman, chase your girls. If you are a bisexual-man, chase your boys. If you like both boy and girl, have nice date with them. If you don’t know how to find them? Go to the community for free chat. Many local bisexuals are waiting for you there. If you know where to go, the whole world will make way for you. You just need to learn one thing this life. That is how to dominate your life.


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