Follow your heart LGBTQ!!!

When you want parents accept the fact that you are a gay. It seems that come out is the only way to success. You may think that I was born to be a gay. And I cannot change the truth. But our parents think only live as a heterosexual that we can gain happiness. If you must try to make parents understand you and sport you. It will make you very passive.

In fact, the purpose of coming out isn’t make parents accept I’m gay, but in order to give parents the opportunity to meet and learn about the real me! How can you exist in their minds, if you do not become your true self?

If you don’t respect your heart? And follow parents’ expectations to play a heterosexual. Our parents will never have the chance to see the real me in this life. Greater sorrow than between loved ones, I’m right in front of you, you can’t see the real of me. In fact, who give up the chance to show the truth in front of parents are us.96b843fd9b0cc49100b4192ec07a1692

So that coming out must happen to me and it worth for me to do. No matter if parents want to understand the real of me. Unless, I must be the one that understanding me without any additional conditions. It’s better to live in the script that parents plan for me than live the truth of myself even it’s a hard way at first.

Coming out was successful, as long as we are admitting our sexual orientation to parents!!!!!!

Coming out is our business. This is something we can decide; but if parents can understand and accept us after coming out, it’s parents’ business, they can make any decision. We are always want control the result by ruling parents’ choice.

Many times we think we can change others by tell them some truth. But in fact, they choose to change because they understand the truth. In the word the only one can decide whether or not to change, where to change, when change is the people themselves. It’s have nothing to do with the ability of us. Therefore, changing others’ mind is a mission impossible!

I wrote so many articles to tell the relationship between coming out and parents. Isn’t tells people how to do something. I want you could understand that no one can teach you what you should do.

Show Parents-I’m coming out

Come out to the parents!

Sometime it’s not consultations with parents!

It’s to force parents accept the fact!

In March 2008, to celebrate a birthday, Claire, her friends and her family went to a restaurant near the home. She remembers that it was a fine day. During the dinner, her daughter a sophomore suddenly passed a yellow envelope, mysteriously to say don’t read it now. Favorite restaurant, greetings from friends and relatives, as well as surprise mystery gift, this birthday made her very happy so far. She could not resist the heart excited, go to the Restroom quietly and read the envelope. “For a mother, the best birthday gift is to knowing the real mind of her children.” The letter says, “So I’m going to tell the truth about myself – I’m gay.”1611210b-e651-4c8b-a356-4e69cd558833

Claire felt the blood rush on the top of her head. She could hear a sound of “bang “!

She knows what it is. Her daughter ever took her to a gay bar, they have fun there. A trip, she read her daughter’s diary left on the car. There are some descriptions about the love. Using the word “her”. Claire was surprised, and said in a joking tone: “are you gay?” Her daughter denies and she is Senior high school student that time. Others will clearly identify that it’s the pave the way of the daughter to come out—popularity of their gay knowledge, before informing the true to parents, to reduce their misunderstanding and prejudice.

“The phenomenon of homosexuality, I can accept. That’s happens in someone else’s home.” But I never dreamed that it would happen to my daughter.”

Accept the daughter’s come out is a gradual and slow process, but mother’s personal experience is that “like experiencing a disaster.” In the beginning, her instinctive reaction was to escape and can not believe. During that time she was sleepless nights, and repeatedly to recall every thing of the daughter from baby to grow up, just like a movie, the scene in the mind over again”. As a mother, she asked herself: if I’m doing not good enough in daughter’s process of growing up?

So, what’s your mind? Can you share your story?

The real life of other Bisexuals.

Do you dare not mention the things in front of family that to build the bisexual family? Fear of undermining existing happy relationship. But you are expecting to live in bisexual family in the dream everyday. These things are bothering you, but someone has perfectly solved this problem.

 A couple come from United Kingdom married for 5 years and has two sons. One day the wife asked the husband to consent one of her requirement. And he said yes. So that Ross brought Lauren to their family. When knowing they pregnancy at the same time. Ross could not help and call that “life is complete!” Pictures from left to right as Lauren, buddy and Ross20161105020455513.png

 Ross and ex-girlfriend asked her husband after reconnecting. Buddy thinks it’s cool, gladly to accepted. For a family of six, respectively from left to right: Owen, James and Lauren hold the baby Damien, Ross is holding her baby Ryan, and husband Buddy.20161105020455676.png

 Talking about this unusual combination of family, rose said: “the biggest misconception is that people often think we are threesome, but we all love each other, mutual relationships.” The three of them shared the same bed at home, Owen and James also call Lauren “mother”.

 Buddy admitted it was difficult to explain the things to Owen and James, but the two brothers said he was happy after figure out the situation. Pictures from left to right are: Michael Owen, Ross, Lauren and Damian, buddy and James.20161105020456385

Their story is not means that every bisexual family should live like them. It means that we should believe in our family. If we all holding on together. All problems will be solved. We need to do is trust your family, and don’t forget your responsibilities.

As bisexual-Which presidential candidate would you vote for?

The American election has started, but this is not the presidential battle. More like two children in front of the other adults to discredit each other. We need the president must be a strong body is not strong. But the heart strong. This is achieved by powerful not to belittle others. But by self perfection. But our presidential candidate seems particularly keen to give each other to discredit it made me disappointed. I am a bisexual, I love my country, but I think I need more talented people to do my president.


u21765220594036073060fm21gp0 According to voice of America radio website reported on November 8th, in Times Square, can be seen everywhere and the United States presidential election related advertising, NBC also set the stage, a special program for making final preparations for the election day. A long history of presidential election campaign will end, the public mood? Blaine said: “I know there is a major event to happen, I do not know is a good thing or a bad thing, but I know it will be crazy.”


Blaine said he would vote, but he hasn’t yet decided who to vote for. He said he would go home to do some reading and research, and make a decision before going to the polls.


New York resident John has not decided, he felt that the two candidates are not ideal, but must choose a. He said: “I tend to support Trump now, I hope to see a business control America, if he don’t speak out I would feel more comfortable, I agree with the ideas of Trump, but also do not agree with his other views, I don’t trust Hilary, that’s for sure.”


下载.jpgMr. Kim, who works in New York, has questioned Mr. Trump’s immigration policy. He said: “I think the two are not very good, personally feel that the election is not a good choice, especially Trump some of his immigration policy is very bad for us, I was not inclined to him.”


Shane has voted, but he seems to be reluctant investment. He said: “I don’t think there’s any good candidate. Have no choice.” Shane said the election night will not participate in any election party, because he was frustrated in this election.


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Don’t Choose TO be bisexual!

One of the major misconceptions about bisexuality is that this group of people who are attracted to both men and women is confused about their sexual orientation. It can be misunderstood by both straight and surprisingly homosexual people as most believe that one is either one or the other – you can’t be both. Well, in essence, bisexuals are neither straight nor gay, they simply are attracted to both sexes.

Bisexuality is considered a “fluid” form of sexuality; which means they are more apt to be open to a relationship with either sex. This doesn’t mean they will swing back and forth between them – they are just not opposed to the idea of it. The fact is that most bisexuals tend to lean toward one or the other; they will either prefer straight relationships or gay ones. The degree they are attracted to same sex partners varies with the individual.
Bisexuality is Not a Passing Phase

eagexs7rvlg6k2d8lhlmzhtrxdhiybopkbkj0nsl5fnvdg11flb4fa One myth that both most people have toward bisexuals is that it is only a passing phase and most people will grow out of it. However, like heterosexual and homosexual people, bisexuals experience attractions that are not possible to control or change according to research studies. Bisexuals feel that if they are emotionally and physically drawn to a person of the same sex, this attraction should take precedence over their gender be it, male or female.

Bisexuals are Promiscuous
A common belief amongst the general public is that bisexually is promiscuous; this is usually not the case at all. The fact that bisexuals are drawn to both sexes doesn’t make the meeting, dating and relationship process any easier. They are about as likely to have multiple partners as any heterosexual or homosexual is.

Same Sex Activity Doesn’t Make One Bisexual
Another myth about bisexual is that they engage in sexual activity involving both sexes; this is not the case at all. Just because a person engages in sexual relations with both sexes at any given time will not make them bisexual. Bisexuality comes into play only when the person is not only physically but also emotionally attracted to the another person and has a chance to develop into a relationship.

Bisexuals Have to Choose
That goes along with the idea that bisexuals have to choose to be either straight or gay. However, the fact is that they can’t choose to be one or the other anymore than a gay person can decide to be straight. This doesn’t mean they can have a relationship and a lover on the side; it just means if they date guys, they may still like girls. It isn’t something they can just get over or turn off at will.

Bisexuals are in “transition.” On the way to being gay.
Most people who are bisexual are set in, and comfortable with their sexual orientation. There have been a small number of gay and lesbian people who have come out as bisexual because the stigma of being homosexual. It offends bisexuals because it helps to maintain this myth.

Hopefully, this article has managed to educate and help you learn about the bisexuals who are often misinterpreted.