As bisexual-Which presidential candidate would you vote for?

The American election has started, but this is not the presidential battle. More like two children in front of the other adults to discredit each other. We need the president must be a strong body is not strong. But the heart strong. This is achieved by powerful not to belittle others. But by self perfection. But our presidential candidate seems particularly keen to give each other to discredit it made me disappointed. I am a bisexual, I love my country, but I think I need more talented people to do my president.


u21765220594036073060fm21gp0 According to voice of America radio website reported on November 8th, in Times Square, can be seen everywhere and the United States presidential election related advertising, NBC also set the stage, a special program for making final preparations for the election day. A long history of presidential election campaign will end, the public mood? Blaine said: “I know there is a major event to happen, I do not know is a good thing or a bad thing, but I know it will be crazy.”


Blaine said he would vote, but he hasn’t yet decided who to vote for. He said he would go home to do some reading and research, and make a decision before going to the polls.


New York resident John has not decided, he felt that the two candidates are not ideal, but must choose a. He said: “I tend to support Trump now, I hope to see a business control America, if he don’t speak out I would feel more comfortable, I agree with the ideas of Trump, but also do not agree with his other views, I don’t trust Hilary, that’s for sure.”


下载.jpgMr. Kim, who works in New York, has questioned Mr. Trump’s immigration policy. He said: “I think the two are not very good, personally feel that the election is not a good choice, especially Trump some of his immigration policy is very bad for us, I was not inclined to him.”


Shane has voted, but he seems to be reluctant investment. He said: “I don’t think there’s any good candidate. Have no choice.” Shane said the election night will not participate in any election party, because he was frustrated in this election.


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