The real life of other Bisexuals.

Do you dare not mention the things in front of family that to build the bisexual family? Fear of undermining existing happy relationship. But you are expecting to live in bisexual family in the dream everyday. These things are bothering you, but someone has perfectly solved this problem.

 A couple come from United Kingdom married for 5 years and has two sons. One day the wife asked the husband to consent one of her requirement. And he said yes. So that Ross brought Lauren to their family. When knowing they pregnancy at the same time. Ross could not help and call that “life is complete!” Pictures from left to right as Lauren, buddy and Ross20161105020455513.png

 Ross and ex-girlfriend asked her husband after reconnecting. Buddy thinks it’s cool, gladly to accepted. For a family of six, respectively from left to right: Owen, James and Lauren hold the baby Damien, Ross is holding her baby Ryan, and husband Buddy.20161105020455676.png

 Talking about this unusual combination of family, rose said: “the biggest misconception is that people often think we are threesome, but we all love each other, mutual relationships.” The three of them shared the same bed at home, Owen and James also call Lauren “mother”.

 Buddy admitted it was difficult to explain the things to Owen and James, but the two brothers said he was happy after figure out the situation. Pictures from left to right are: Michael Owen, Ross, Lauren and Damian, buddy and James.20161105020456385

Their story is not means that every bisexual family should live like them. It means that we should believe in our family. If we all holding on together. All problems will be solved. We need to do is trust your family, and don’t forget your responsibilities.

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