Show Parents-I’m coming out

Come out to the parents!

Sometime it’s not consultations with parents!

It’s to force parents accept the fact!

In March 2008, to celebrate a birthday, Claire, her friends and her family went to a restaurant near the home. She remembers that it was a fine day. During the dinner, her daughter a sophomore suddenly passed a yellow envelope, mysteriously to say don’t read it now. Favorite restaurant, greetings from friends and relatives, as well as surprise mystery gift, this birthday made her very happy so far. She could not resist the heart excited, go to the Restroom quietly and read the envelope. “For a mother, the best birthday gift is to knowing the real mind of her children.” The letter says, “So I’m going to tell the truth about myself – I’m gay.”1611210b-e651-4c8b-a356-4e69cd558833

Claire felt the blood rush on the top of her head. She could hear a sound of “bang “!

She knows what it is. Her daughter ever took her to a gay bar, they have fun there. A trip, she read her daughter’s diary left on the car. There are some descriptions about the love. Using the word “her”. Claire was surprised, and said in a joking tone: “are you gay?” Her daughter denies and she is Senior high school student that time. Others will clearly identify that it’s the pave the way of the daughter to come out—popularity of their gay knowledge, before informing the true to parents, to reduce their misunderstanding and prejudice.

“The phenomenon of homosexuality, I can accept. That’s happens in someone else’s home.” But I never dreamed that it would happen to my daughter.”

Accept the daughter’s come out is a gradual and slow process, but mother’s personal experience is that “like experiencing a disaster.” In the beginning, her instinctive reaction was to escape and can not believe. During that time she was sleepless nights, and repeatedly to recall every thing of the daughter from baby to grow up, just like a movie, the scene in the mind over again”. As a mother, she asked herself: if I’m doing not good enough in daughter’s process of growing up?

So, what’s your mind? Can you share your story?

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