She woke in the morning with a strange feeling, the party in last night was going on in her head. She woke up and sat on her bed wondering looking around her actually how many she could sleep with in a night. But for this night the person she had slept with had brought her a strange feeling. A feeling she had never experienced in her life. It was exciting, thrilling, that feeling that could make her world swirl round and round she could not comprehend what was happening to her, was it confusion? Why this feeling at this particular moment? No! No! This was never confusion this was something, something that was going to change her life for good. She smiled as was thinking about this. She turned her head and looked at the one sleeping beside her, ooh! The one who slept beside her was actually a woman. She had met her in a restaurant. 

Jane now could remember how it all started. Jane was a bisexual woman, a young lady who was tall elegant and beautiful. Her voice was soft and flat that could send echoes in your ears. She could make you lose your mind even your words. Jane had a boyfriend and they had been engaged for some time. 

On the day that changed Jane’s life, Jane was going for her shopping and she was alone. On her way she saw a girl carrying a pile of files crossing a busy road. The girl was tall and attractive. Her hair was long and could sweep her back as she walked.

Her hips were broad and she swung them right and left as she walked. Jane looked at her and could feel a strange feeling run through her body. She could feel that she had seen a person who has just dropped from a place which is better than this world. She continued looking at as she put her left hand fingers over her lift. As the girl was crossing the road she stepped on a slippery ground and could walk in a stable manner she fell down scattering the pile of files all over the place. This was a golden opportunity for her to offer help to the angel she had seen. 

Jane crossed the road and ran to the girl. “A u alright?” Jane asked her. She held her hand and helped her stand on her feet. They talked for some time and Jane helped pick the scattered files on the ground. Jane felt a heavy burden in her heart which she could not let go. She decided to ask her out for coffee. Sure the girl, who introduced herself as Kimberly, readily said yes. 160451386

After the restaurant Jane invited Kimberly for a party. In her house. Jane felt a very strange bond between her and Kimberly, it was different even different from what she was feeling for her boyfriend. A bigger feeling and a strong attachment. After the party Jane found herself with Kimberly in the same room alone she could not stop staring at her. Then Kimberly realized that Jane wanted her she told Jane she was gay and she also had a girlfriend. But Jane’s feelings could not still hold her back from her.

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