What the meaning of 419 for bisexual?


When we read 419, it’s for one night. Just like we want have a one-night stand. In general, 419 is the expression of this meaning. For the majority of single people there is no problem to find some comfort in the boring life. Have a one-night stand with a stranger who looked at the more pleasing is very nice. Both to relax yourself, but also enrich their own lives. One night stand in the eyes of many people means promiscuity. In fact, very few people would choose to do so.
For bisexuals, when it comes to one-night stand, it is natural to think of threesome. I think this is a misunderstanding of bisexual and a misunderstanding of one-night stand.u23605285154149547276fm23gp0-%e5%89%af%e6%9c%ac

In life, many bisexuals will disguise themselves as purely heterosexual. This is actually very natural can be done. But suppress their own feelings on the other side for a long time is a very uncomfortable thing. We all know that a part of bisexuals like to be gay, others like be straight. Since really like, why choose to suppress it? We talking about freely for centuries. Body free, but how to get emotional freedom has been troubled us.
liyzbz3tfnmd-%e5%89%af%e6%9c%acTo find a person fit your emotions to have a one-night stand. It’s have a great help for whom suppress their inner for a long time. Not only to the heart of the catharsis, but also to encourage themselves that they not alone. The two sides have no intersection, so there will be no emotional burden, this is a good choice for many single people.
Now let’s talk about 419. Narrow sense, it represents a one-night stand. We can interpret the word more simple. May be two or three people’s date, may be a group of people’s carnival.

You can choose to sit under the moon and chatting whole night. Of course, you can also choose to give vent to excess hormones in a hotel. While say I love to the phone, it is better to give each other a kiss face to face. That is human different from animals, we need more than just food to eat, we also need to feel the love.
When you want a 419, you can be very open to enjoy your date. Don’t consider if you are appropriate in the life. Don’t consider if him/her is your most suitable partner. You only need to know tonight belongs to you. And enjoy it.

Finally reminded. You’d better be fully prepared, how to protect yourself is a basic skills to an adult. Safe dating is the best date.

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