Don’t proud to be Bisexual!


I have read many articles in other bisexuals’ blog. And I found some strange things and topic. These is a picture in an article caught my attention. It’s a bisexual holding a sign that reads:” Proud to be bisexual”. It makes me think about words.


At first we should know what is the bisexual want to express? I know that some bisexuals are Low self-esteem. I think there are two points makes them feel Low self-esteem.

  1. The first point is public opinion.

Since the word “bisexual” was mentioned hundreds years ago. The debate on it has not stopped. However, the result of the controversy has a bad influence on bisexual. Because of most of the straight cannot accept bisexual. The fear of bisexuality is a new view that describes the idea that a person is not homosexual or heterosexual, or that bisexuality is contaminated. Bisexuals may also be the victims of violence in generalized homophobia. Such as the United States actor Dan Cavey said in the “weekend night scene”: “bisexuality is the person who pocks down any one’s pants, regardless of what will be met.” So that bisexual was living in the social pressure more or less. Don’t means they are not happiness. But sometime do not get enough respect.


  1. Cannot identify themselves.

Bisexual is different from straight and gay. They have some similarities. But bisexual is an independent group. Because of the special features. Even bisexual can hardly identify themselves sometime. The first question of some communities is “Do you identify as bisexual?” A recent survey found that almost half of bisexuals had experienced discrimination when using LGBT services. Twenty-five percent of bisexuals said they felt unwell during been service when they were bisexual. Forty-two percent of bisexuals said they had ever wanted to be disguised as heterosexual or homosexual. Others received unbearable disgust and impatience from the staff, which was heartbreaking


All the situation mentioned above shows bisexual is a vulnerable group. Many bisexuals want counterattack through parades and assemblies. Emphasize that proud to be a bisexual. But we should think about that if you really proud to be bisexual. You will not care about others’ opinion. Because you are same to others. When you realized you are same to anyone. You will not talk about “proud to be…..” you just should proud to be yourself.


So, don’t proud to be bisexual, gay, straight…. All the tabs just like your clothes. What important is who wear it.

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