If your partner is bisexual, what should you do?

We often talk about that who is gay, who come out as bisexual. What should you do if you find out your partner is bisexual someday? The social can accept gay, but cannot accept bisexual for some unknown reasons. If your partner don’t tell you their sexual orientation, don’t worry about it or blame them. It’s because of love. They love you, so that don’t want to lose you. Don’t talk to me that love should be transparent. I think that everyone have the precondition for love. Obvious bisexual is most likely in it. Opposite, they keep it as a secret, just want the love is more pureness. So, can you understand their mind now?

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If you still worry about it, let’s go on talking about it. At first, we should know bisexual can love both girl and boy. But it’s not the necessary. They can love both sex. It means they have more choice. You always have a lot of choice. You can choose someone rich, someone beautiful, someone tall or someone fat. For bisexual, they can choose to love the same sex or opposite sex. And they can choose to love both sex. There are a lot of bisexual have a three members family.

Once the decision been made. It can hardly to be changed. If you choose to love someone rich, do you going to love someone very poor? Maybe you will say your boyfriend or girlfriend likely to love others. Come on! It only means they don’t love you. Have nothing to do with bisexual. No matter who they are? Bisexual, gay, straight, if they choose to love someone else. Let it go. It’s sooner or later. Because there is no love between you.

You should face the trouble together since the day you fall in love with each other. If your partner told you that they are bisexual. Trust me, they must love you very much. As mentioned above, they have no necessary to tell you the secret. But they did. Please, don’t hurt the love. Support him/her just like before. Because only one word “bisexual” come out in your world. Nothing was changed.

We cannot defend the peace of the world. We can defend our love.

We cannot defend our love. We can defend the right to make choice.

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I wasn’t born strong! – The internal monologue of 7 bisexual woman.


We are used to treat “different” as “abnormal”, because the human is born with a tendency to agree with each other. But we tend to be ignored, each person is different from birth, everyone is bound to different with others.

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These minority groups – The bisexual & gay need to be heard, see, understood which encountered dilemma of physical and psychological. They are worth to a friendly environment. There are nine bisexual friends will share their experience, the most directly and truth feeling.

  1. Self-identification = Brave to face the challenge.

Self – identification is hard to success. The successful self-identification is not only satisfied with confirming of the heart, but also dare to face the challenge of social. Very lucky, I did.

  1. I love you, not about the sexuality.

Maybe I should identify myself as all bisexual? I think it have nothing to do with sexuality when you fall in love with one person. I have loved the people with different sexuality or identify themselves to different sexuality. I’m not care about the sexual orientation and the difference of sexuality. Different with others I was proud of it. I think I was very special. But in fact, there are no difference between me and others, we are living in the same social. I just want more people can notice us, understand us, and learn about we are same with others.

  1. No inclusive, NO come out.

I almost didn’t encountered discriminate in the past. Because of there are no one came out. It’s not means we are living in an inclusive social. It’s because the social didn’t inclusive bisexual & gay, so that there is no one come out.

  1. No one can help you get out of the trouble if you don’t brave to face the fact.

As a gay woman, I deeply understand how the brave and strong important to a person. If you have no strong heart, it’s really hard to live free.

  1. I become greedy after identifying as bisexual. Not only date with man, but also date with women. But the happiness is different and complementary.
  1. We must admit that it’s different feeling when we have sex with same sex and opposite sex. I enjoy the sensual when I date a woman. And the happiness is endless, we are familiar with our body more than man. I’m desire the feeling of been dominated when date with a man.
  1. My masculinity and femaleness shows in different way when I date with man or woman. It’s not mean I become more masculinity when I date with a man or I become more femaleness when I date with a woman. Sometimes this is the case, but sometimes just the opposite. Love both man and woman make me feel complete.

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These little game can test whether you are bisexual!

Do you curious about whether someone is bisexual? Or do you want have a test if you are bisexual? If you really want know the answer, the following little game can give you a help!

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The bisexual couple is having a date.

Truth or dare.

This is the easiest game to have test. And no one can find out what you are really doing. It can be used in the party. More people in the game more success rate. The rule is winner can ask the loser make a choice (1. Answer a question but must tell the truth. 2. Do one things set by winner.) There is a simple ways of pick out the winner and loser. Everyone pick out one playing card, biggest cards win, min. cards lose. Below is the most important link.

At first, you should try to be the winner. If others win, you can suggest the question and the things need to do. There are two situations you can encountered.

  1. The loser choose answer question.

This is your chance. You can ask the question like” are you a bisexual” directly. Or the question “have you ever kiss a girl/boy”. Ok, I think some should be chatter at the link. So the result isn’t very precise. But I think if he/she choose to do something, the result must believable.

  1. The loser choose to do something.

When the one choose to do something, you can daring to ask he/she do the things can test whether they are bisexuals. Let them kiss the mouth of one boy and one girl in the party. If he/she is straight or gay, they will not interested in kissing one sexuality. So they can pick out anyone to give a kiss very fast. But if they are bisexual, they will pick out the one the like to give a kiss. And this must be a long kiss.

I cannot not tell you all the details. Because everything changed every moment. If you really want do the test, you will find the suitable way to do. Sometimes you try to test whether someone is bisexual. But the result you cannot control. Maybe you will get hurt from it. Why don’t you try the bisexual date site? Come to the bisexual dating site: Bisexualfun. Everyone here want find a really bisexual dating.

For more little game, please focus the articles in the blog.

Whether you want have a threesome date?

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I think many people have a sexual fantasy about threesome. But the threesome only happened on TV or in some movie. Most of people have no idea how to have a threesome. Even some straight think that only bisexual want have threesome. It’s really a misunderstanding about threesome. There are many situation about threesome, three woman, three man, one man and two woman, one woman and two man. Anyone can be the member of a threesome. No matter you are straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual.

Another misunderstanding about threesome is only young people can have a threesome. But I want to say is everyone can have a threesome. If you really curious threesome. Try it! But before you have a threesome. There are some things you need to learn. For your safety and make sure all of you can enjoy the date.

Which one is the best partner you can ask to have threesome?

If you are part of a couple. The first thing you need to do is making sure your lover want have a threesome too. And then choose a single person who not close with both of you. He/she must open enough to a threesome. This is related whether you can have a nice threesome.

If you are a single woman. Threesome date sites is a good idea, like Bicupid, Bisexualfun, where many bisexual couples looking for a third to have fun. But when you join the date, you should chat with them. Confirm the photos, and whether you really like them. And choose a public place to have a meet.

The more suggestion is: Set your own rule and never violate. In the threesome relationship, you are the only one can protect yourself.

How to ask?

When you meet someone you want have a threesome. No matter you are in a party or bar. Don’t ask she/he/them join direct. You know not everyone want have threesome. You can chat with them first and ask them like joke. Mentioned the movie about threesome first and bring up the open relationship. Then ask whether they have a threesome before.

What rules you should make?

When you start a threesome. There are many possible situations. If you feel uncomfortable you should ask to stop. You can speak up that you don’t like oral sex, and the member should wear condom……..After all rules set up and all member accept, you can try to enjoy the threesome.

After you tried threesome. You will find there is a lot of fun. Of cause, the premise is everything under control.

How to have fun with bisexual beauties?

For the question I think it confused most of bisexual man. Where to find bisexual woman? If they want date with me? No only bisexual man, but also many bisexual woman have no ideal.

Are you feel disappoint; When you join a bisexual or gay&lesbian party and find the people just get together to eat food. And someone will ask your phone number but never call you. After few times, you don’t join the party anymore. So there are some suggestions about how to find real bisexual man, woman&couple to have date.vlsw26xq

No.1 Don’t leave your phone number in public.

Leave the phone number in public can give you psychological comfort. That is “I had leave my phone number here, there must have someone call me”. Of cause it work on some lucky guys. So that a lot of people try to leave their phone number in public. But I just want say “it really a stupid behavior”. If you often leave your phone number in public, stop it. This behaver cannot give you any help. Reverse it will take you a lot of trouble. Sometimes it will bring you few sells calls. But sometime it maybe fraud calls instead. Change-place-reflect, would you want call a stranger number?

No.2 Don’t ask their private life.

Everyone has secret. The way to give others a good impression is don’t explore their private life. There are many people looking for date everyday. What you are looking for is the fun and happiness. That is enough. Have a crazy date with one/two bisexual woman/man or more bisexual. And be yourself at next day’s morning. If you want keep the relationship. Stop your curiosity and enjoy the date.

No.3 Don’t identify whom you date with is bisexual or not.

The reason why talk to you don’t identify whom you date with is that you will get two kinds of answer. Yes or no answer. If you want date with bisexual, there are two kinds of people will attack by the date. Bisexual and bi-curious. But no matter whether they are bisexual. They come for the date and want enjoy the wonderful night. This is the most important thing.

No.4 Looking for date at right place.

Although you prepare everything but don’t forget looking for date at right place. Where it’s. Yeah, on the internet. A lot of date site on the web. Try the personal date site. They can protect your personal profile. And help you find the dream date.

It’s just few suggestions. Wish you can get some help. Don’t confused and just do it.

Things you need to know about bisexual.

For ordinary people, bisexual is a strange word. Of cause there are many questions and confused about bisexual still have no answer. So what, have a happy life is the final purpose of a bisexual. But many misunderstandings makes bisexual’s life in trouble. Let’s discuss a part of the questions below.


  • There are no bisexual in the word.

Because of the sexual orientation characteristic. People rather to believe bisexual isn’t exit. This is the most pervasive view about bisexuality. Bisexual is about 2% of whole human. So that little people can meet bisexual in their life. They are very lucky. But do you know there are 9 million LGBT people in the United States and more than half identify as bisexual. Only 28% of bisexuals say that all the important people in their life know they are bisexual, compared to 77% gay men and 71% of lesbians. A lot of people cannot understand bisexual’s love. They think bisexuals are cheaters. Just some straight are curious about gay. So they named themselves bisexual. But if you are bisexual, don’t mind their words and view. Be yourself is most important thing.

  • Bisexual are attracted to anyone.

In people’s mind, bisexual are attracted to anyone. No matter man, woman or gay, straight. It’s like bisexual want date with anyone they meet. Oh, please. Just because someone is bisexual doesn’t mean they don’t have standards. This is the same logic that you want kiss your family, but you don’t need to kiss everybody you meet. “You can” and “you want” is different. Why so many people choose to neglect the difference between them. I will think that you are attracted to any girl if you are a straight man, do you think it is right?

  • All bisexuals are polyamory.

Everyone is polyamory, why all people catch bisexual. It depends on the characteristic of bisexual. They can fall in love with both boy and girl. So they are polyamory. Please, can you have sex with the one you don’t love? If you cannot. Why you choose to believe bisexual can to it? In general, we have sex with the one we love. But bisexual can have sex with both gender. The two kind of love are same. Does it?

I have ever hired some bisexuals said:” they cannot identify themselves when they were young”. They cannot make sure more love girl or boy. It’s a process to identify themselves. But being attracted to both genders doesn’t have anything to do with commitment. When they make sure that they love girl, boy or both gender. They can fall in love like straight. So, if they are scared of commitment have nothing to do with gender.


To the mysterious bisexual. There are too many things interesting we don’t know. If you want know more about bisexual. Contact me or comment the article.