These little game can test whether you are bisexual!

Do you curious about whether someone is bisexual? Or do you want have a test if you are bisexual? If you really want know the answer, the following little game can give you a help!

bisexual free online date site
The bisexual couple is having a date.

Truth or dare.

This is the easiest game to have test. And no one can find out what you are really doing. It can be used in the party. More people in the game more success rate. The rule is winner can ask the loser make a choice (1. Answer a question but must tell the truth. 2. Do one things set by winner.) There is a simple ways of pick out the winner and loser. Everyone pick out one playing card, biggest cards win, min. cards lose. Below is the most important link.

At first, you should try to be the winner. If others win, you can suggest the question and the things need to do. There are two situations you can encountered.

  1. The loser choose answer question.

This is your chance. You can ask the question like” are you a bisexual” directly. Or the question “have you ever kiss a girl/boy”. Ok, I think some should be chatter at the link. So the result isn’t very precise. But I think if he/she choose to do something, the result must believable.

  1. The loser choose to do something.

When the one choose to do something, you can daring to ask he/she do the things can test whether they are bisexuals. Let them kiss the mouth of one boy and one girl in the party. If he/she is straight or gay, they will not interested in kissing one sexuality. So they can pick out anyone to give a kiss very fast. But if they are bisexual, they will pick out the one the like to give a kiss. And this must be a long kiss.

I cannot not tell you all the details. Because everything changed every moment. If you really want do the test, you will find the suitable way to do. Sometimes you try to test whether someone is bisexual. But the result you cannot control. Maybe you will get hurt from it. Why don’t you try the bisexual date site? Come to the bisexual dating site: Bisexualfun. Everyone here want find a really bisexual dating.

For more little game, please focus the articles in the blog.

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