I wasn’t born strong! – The internal monologue of 7 bisexual woman.


We are used to treat “different” as “abnormal”, because the human is born with a tendency to agree with each other. But we tend to be ignored, each person is different from birth, everyone is bound to different with others.

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These minority groups – The bisexual & gay need to be heard, see, understood which encountered dilemma of physical and psychological. They are worth to a friendly environment. There are nine bisexual friends will share their experience, the most directly and truth feeling.

  1. Self-identification = Brave to face the challenge.

Self – identification is hard to success. The successful self-identification is not only satisfied with confirming of the heart, but also dare to face the challenge of social. Very lucky, I did.

  1. I love you, not about the sexuality.

Maybe I should identify myself as all bisexual? I think it have nothing to do with sexuality when you fall in love with one person. I have loved the people with different sexuality or identify themselves to different sexuality. I’m not care about the sexual orientation and the difference of sexuality. Different with others I was proud of it. I think I was very special. But in fact, there are no difference between me and others, we are living in the same social. I just want more people can notice us, understand us, and learn about we are same with others.

  1. No inclusive, NO come out.

I almost didn’t encountered discriminate in the past. Because of there are no one came out. It’s not means we are living in an inclusive social. It’s because the social didn’t inclusive bisexual & gay, so that there is no one come out.

  1. No one can help you get out of the trouble if you don’t brave to face the fact.

As a gay woman, I deeply understand how the brave and strong important to a person. If you have no strong heart, it’s really hard to live free.

  1. I become greedy after identifying as bisexual. Not only date with man, but also date with women. But the happiness is different and complementary.
  1. We must admit that it’s different feeling when we have sex with same sex and opposite sex. I enjoy the sensual when I date a woman. And the happiness is endless, we are familiar with our body more than man. I’m desire the feeling of been dominated when date with a man.
  1. My masculinity and femaleness shows in different way when I date with man or woman. It’s not mean I become more masculinity when I date with a man or I become more femaleness when I date with a woman. Sometimes this is the case, but sometimes just the opposite. Love both man and woman make me feel complete.

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