How do inborn deaf-mutes know that they are gay or bisexual?

A gay or bisexual will realize their sexual orientation almost 13 years old. Because a person could have obvious gender consciousness at this age. They could pick up the person who can attract them with enough ability to distinguish. This is a period of sexual orientation enlightenment. Many gays and bisexuals begin to have the crush on person. Different sexual orientation often makes them uncomfortable and worrying.

Someone choose to come out to their best friends. This is the best way to pour out. It’s not suitable to have a gay or bisexual relationship at that age. So that, many gays and bisexuals are pass that time with a hazy feeling and some longing of the special relationship. Until they grow up and identify themselves, they could actually become a gay and bisexual.

Normal people have so hard a identify process. How do inborn deaf-mutes know that they are gay or bisexual? This is related to the way they know the world. Smell and touch is the basic way of deaf-mutes to know the world. But the most important way to understand the world is our feeling. All of our senses makes up our feeling. Listen, watch, smell, touch and speak is all the basic sense of human. When a people lose one or more basic senses, then others senses will be stronger than normal humans. This is why so many blind persons work on piano tuner.

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From this perspective, the biggest advantage of deaf-mutes gays and bisexuals is sensitive touch and smell. The difference between males and females is not only the macroscopic features but also different types of hormones.

We often said that “you smell so sexy”. It does not means sexy could be smelled. It is the smell makes us been attracted. The male and female also have different smell. In the Animalia, many animals attract partner with smell. I think it’s possible a main way for deaf-mutes gays and bisexuals to identify themselves. In their world, maybe not have the word “come out”. Here only have good smell and normal smell in their mind.

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Another key factor for deaf-mutes gays and bisexuals to identify themselves is touch. We use touch to learn the world. The shape of the thing, temperature, hardness of something and so on. Almost all things in the world we could feel it by touching. All of our skin can touch the world, but not just by hands. Feel the wind, the water and the temperature of your lips. Although deaf-mutes gays and bisexuals couldn’t live as normal. But I think it couldn’t be the hinder of their self-knowledge.

They may meet less people than normal human. It means they have less chance to find suitable partner. But the biggest advantage of deaf-mutes gays and bisexuals is that they looking for partner by using heart and feeling.


How does the prejudice to bisexuality come about?

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So called prejudice have few kinds of basic particularity:

The first particularity of prejudice: “Speculate without real evidence”. A person who makes his own preferences, tendencies or opinions before making evidence, investigation and mastery of sufficient arguments.

E.g. Many people don’t meet a gay or bisexual before. But they said that bisexual don’t exist and gay is the people with a strange behavior. They would get away from LGBT anytime and anywhere! Maybe is the good luck of LGBT people.

The second particularity of prejudice: “exaggerate the subjective thought”. It can be called “cognitive bias”. Make a partial interpretation of the bisexual groups through insufficient experience and the facts without enough representative.

E.g. Maybe they ever heard that bisexual is attracted by both male and female. They will think that all bisexual would like to have 3some date. And bisexual often betrayal their partner.

The third particularity of prejudice: “Selective acceptance”. Also called confirmation bias. When we have a view we will always accept the favorable explanation for us and ignore, exclude those who oppose us. Even if we know that our views are too one-sided.

E.g. Some bosses knew that hiring bisexuals or homosexuals would not cause damage to their business. But they will still insist on firing LGBT. It seems like that LGBT’s work before came out make them lose a lot of business.

In short, prejudice is a very subjective, lack of objective evidence of personal opinion. And the expansion of the interpretation will turn to general facts which as a measure of value. Small prejudices are harmless. But some prejudice may cause harm to many groups. Such as the racial discrimination, orientationism and other discrimination.

People are biased, regardless of the level of cognitive ability.
In the minds of ordinary people, the relationship between prejudice and cognitive ability is inversely proportional. The less cognitive ability the more likely be biased. In fact, people are biased, regardless of the level of cognitive ability. The difference is that the tendency to bias is different.

Those who are highly cognitive, their prejudices are more of a social impact. For example, they oppose orientationism. They advocate the freedom of individual choice. Everyone should have the right to be the person they want to be. Straight, bisexual and gay are equal.

In contrast those who are low cognitive, their prejudices are more of groups. More prejudice is to distinguish you and me. Giving positive prejudice to objects that are in the same group and giving negative prejudice to groups that are different with themselves. Who is in the different groups? The answer is obviously, bisexual, gay, lesbian transgender, asexual and other groups.
Prejudice is a real existence. The time we construct our worldview, the prejudice is growing up little by little. From the perspective of social psychology, the existence of prejudice makes it easier for people to make up groups. No matter what your group is please don’t hurt anyone with your prejudice.

Sexual orientation is hardly to change, but it will flow.

A person is attracted by the same sex or the opposite sex is not immutable. But will change over time – this is usually determined by the environment at that time. This phenomenon is called sexual fluidity. For example, if a heterosexual can only get along with same sex people, and then they may feel that the sexual attraction and emotional temptation from the same sex friends has increased. As with other social traits, sexual preference, attitudes, behavior and identity are some extent variable.

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The difference between sexuality fluidity and bisexuality.
Sexual fluidity can occur on absolute heterosexual or gay, but this only represents one time sexual response. For example, you like tender girls. But you will suddenly find that a girl who can stimulate you in a fresh way of excitement. You may love the both two girls.

Although some absolute heterosexuals have sex with same sex people, but do not represent they are bisexuals. This only shows that they have sexual fluidity.

In some of the cases studied, some women who were essentially heterosexual found that they fall in love with a particular woman. But they still claimed to be straight. It does not mean that these women are bisexual. They are only obsessed with an individual. And this individual happens to be same sex by chance.

Emotional connection and sexual desire are fundamentally different. A person can fall in love without sexual desire.

Male and Female.
If you study the data, you will find that the female group is more likely to sexual fluidity than male group. For example, lesbian are more likely to have sexual relations with opposite sexual than gay. Of course, this is only the conclusion of statistics. Cannot defined all man and woman. There are many men and women who do not show signs of sexual fluidity.

There have been a number of studies devoted male sexuality, including a study in 2016. Investigated men’s sexual experiences over the past 12 months. The results show that the man who had sex with homosexuality, straight is more than gay. And almost no one was identified as bisexual. This may be another example of male sexuality fluidity.

I like same sex people, does it wrong?

Homosexuality is one of sexual orientation also known as gay. It is the people prefer who have sexual desire to same sexual. Although there are more and more people could really accept the gay group, but some members of this group will still have a lot of confusion. Below are some questions they asked. If you have some good ideas, please comment here. So that more gays could get help.

Question one:
I am a lesbian. I realied it because of my teacher. A very good woman. I like her very much. Later, I found that I often attracted by girls. Then I know i could be homosexual. After joining a gay party and meet many lesbian friends, I was sure that I’m a lesbian. I don’t like man, I even think that I will not get married. I don’t want to have children, but I want to adopt one.

I think I was a normal girl before I don’t know I’m a lesbian. I ever have liked boys. But now I don’t like have physical contact with male. Expect the male I am very familiar with. I would like to ask, whether I am a really lesbian, and why?

Question two:
I have been liked a person for 10 years. I liked her from 12 years old, and now I’m 22 years old. She is my best friend. All people in the world know that I like her, she particularly boycott homosexuality. What should I do now?

Question three:
I am 22 years old, male. I found that my sexual orientation different with most people from freshman. I like boy. I liked one of my friend from sophomore. This feeling is particularly strong recently, I even have sexual thought when meet him. But he is straight. I don’t know whether I should confess to him. I would like to forget him, but it’s really difficult. Now, I don’t know what to do. I need some suggestions!

Could bisexuality be corrected?

Could bisexuality be corrected?” there always have “good” people who are worried about this question.

My question is “Could straight be corrected?” Why does straight need to be corrected? maybe you will asked me. “Because straight is different from us.”  Is this answer justified?

There is gay where there is straight. Both gay and straight are intrinsic. So why don’t we correct straight first!

The psychological roots of gay & bisexual need to be corrected is: First, as “most people” thought, we are born to give the “dissidents” in the group a tag type. The public is not understanding enough to gay & bisexual. And they are easily marked the label “promiscuity, AIDS” by the mass media.

The idea above has finished analyze, let’s discuss what measures have done to correct gay & bisexual.

Did anyone try to correct gay & bisexual? Of course, the so-called “treatment” usually takes the behavioral approach. One of my bisexual friend told me that once he had a period of doubt about his sexual orientation. He decided to correct it because he wanted to figure himself out: “I am male first and then I am bisexual”. With the spirit of being responsible for himself, he accepted a period of the so-called “correction”.

The way of correct is shows him some pictures. The theme of these pictures are male and female. At the same time there are instruments attached to his body. Once he have a physical response to the male pictures, he applied an electric shock. “After having several treatment, I am not only don’t interested in men, but also don’t interested in human.” He said.


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Many countries claim that gay & bisexual are not any kind of mental illness, mental disorders or emotional problems. Any external means attempt to change the behavior of human nature will cause great harm to people’s physical and mental. Whether it is gay & bisexual or straight.

The Top 4 misunderstand to bi-man and gay.

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In the past few years, sex therapists and sex researchers have raised concerns about male sexuality. What they want to explore is: what is the nature of the male sex? What does it mean? Where is the root of it? How to solve the conflict of sexual desire? These problems are not only closely related to men; also their partners should pay attention to them.

As we know, women’s emotional experience and language skills are indeed beyond male. And sex therapists have been working on improve men’s ability to get women’s heart. It is undeniable that this is really important. Another point of view, we want to know how to promote women to understand men. For this purpose, I have listed the ten misunderstandings about men.

1. The man is either gay or bisexual if he like male.
Not necessarily. As far as we know, many men are attracted by gay – yes gay, not men. Obviously this situation will make a lot of people confused. The researchers have a better understanding of male “sexual mobility”. On this point, the book “Husband is gay or bisexual? – the identification manual to his wife.” has been in – depth explanation. In short, some men never take the initiative to contact gay. Also they are not gay or bisexual; but they found that the idea of have sex with male could cause their sexual desire. Sometimes they really to do it. This phenomenon is no longer special.

2. Bisexual is a liar.
Wrong! Like all straight men and women, bisexual men are able to be honest with their partner. The problem is that they lack a firm conviction so that they are easily lie to the partner. This is like that there is a person, he like both red – haired women and black – haired women. He will always date with red – haired women after married with black – haired women.
Many people think that bisexual is gay. Which is a big mistake. Bisexuality is one of the legitimate sexual orientations. Indeed, some gays think that they were bisexual at first. Some bisexual men will not be confessed to their favorite women. They will not betray their girlfriend; they are worried that if she know they are bisexual whether she will leave them.

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3. When the male indulge in pornographic film, he will love the movie better than real wife.
David Ley wrote a good book. This book humorously discussed the question. The book says that in men’s mind pornography and wife is like apples and oranges – – he like both. That’s all.

4. If a man wants anal sex, he must be bisexual or gay.
Many people think so. Buttocks have no sexual orientation. Gay not only refers to a sexual act; it closely linked the lover and identity. In turn it is like that if a gay refused to anal sex, then he is straight.

To be a positive and optimistic bisexual. (Not the kind of camouflage.)

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There are various things try to make bisexual unhappy every day. What we should do is fighting for them and try the best to be a positive and optimistic person. Some people have summarized a set of methods for bisexual.

1. Appreciate the world around you.
The object to be appreciated could be a bird, a tree, a beautiful sunrise or sunset, or even a dress someone wear.

2. Helpful.
Help others not only could make others feel happier, but also enhance your own positive emotions. And such a move is the same as moving a thing.

3. Develop and strengthen your relationships.
Building a good social relationship with friends or family can enhance your sense of self-worth. Sometimes single people looks like very cool. But we are living in social. We need to share and obtain happy emotion. Bisexual need to develop relationships more than straight. Because bisexual is really a small group. Anyone need to communicate with others.

4. Set up a goal you can achieve.
I have heard a story. There is a boy want to come out but was opposed by family. He feel painful and try to drink all day. Everyone’s acceptance for bisexual is different. What we should do when encountered oppose? Neither fight with them nor self-abandonment. Try to understand each other. Then try to set up a goal for yourself. When you achieve all your goal one by one, you will find that all the opposition disappear. Because you have proved that you have a good life. And you can plan your future. This time, freedom is mastered in your hands.

5. Choose to accept yourself, whether it is shortcomings or other side.
Pay more attention to own positive characteristics and achievements. Instead of focus on the defect. Who beautiful is contingent lovely, but who lovely must be beautiful. If you want others to love you, at first you should fall in love with yourself. To be a happy LGBT, the lucky will always follow you.

6. Practice your heart.
Do not let the loss, stress, failure, trauma to defeat you. Remember that if life gives you a lemon, it will be made into lemon juice. No one could be recognized by all. A strong heart is necessary to LGBT.

What’s the feeling when your buddy is bisexual!

I asked him before write the article “may I mention you in the article?”

He said “what’s the title?”

Me “what’s the feeling when have a bisexual buddy

Him “hahahahahahaha I like it”

My bisexual friend is little special, he said that he like male more than female. So I could regard him as a gay. I know that is not quite accurate. However, I will follow him. He said “please call me Mr.B”

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What is the difference of the life when you have a gay buddy?

1. If you are single, he have half responsibility.
Because of Mr.B is not sissy(Sissy≠Gay, important), so that many people think that we are couple. I even couldn’t explain it.

2. Must learn the difference between “Straight” and “Mr.B”.
Because of I almost don’t know how to talk with “straight”. Often cause all sorts of unnecessary misunderstanding. I can talk anything with Mr.B. In fact, I don’t know the limit of the topic between straight woman and man.

3. Always have different idea.
Perhaps I am affected by the status of Mr.B in the social. I am prefer to study out the results. Always treat the result that obtained by feeling with query and criticize. Especially when people around think that a common thing must happen. My head will flashed “Why?” “Why have to happened”. Perhaps another state of existence is reasonable? Like Mr.B, like bisexual, like gay, not everyone is “straight”.

Why does Mr.B choose not come out?

We are classmate in the whole study life. Someday he told me that he is bisexual but prefer man. I asked “why talk to me?” Mr.B said: ” I think I can tell you ”
At that time I don’t know what homosexuality means. Don’t know how was homosexuality be treated by the community. Just think that a male classmate could also like boy.

Many years later, I think the fact have no difference with my original idea. But the people who can accept gay less than our image. However, there are no rules can protect gay and bisexual when they were discriminated.

Mr.B will not come out easily. Also will not tell others his sexual orientation. At least, he is looks like a straight man.

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What Mr.B will do next?

The evaluation of gay relationships is related to the reason what they consider to be gay. Another words, if they think that gay is innate, they will be more inclined to accept.
Researches show that the more people contact to gay&lesbian, the more they tend to praise them. So that do not easily judge one thing if you don’t understand it. Follow your heart but not others’ words.

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Once in a shopping mall, a gay couple walk on our side hand in hand. Mr.B was very excited but lowered his voice and cheering. “Gay couple are holding hands together!
I looked his face, there is exciting and envious. This should be the happiness in his mind.

Some tips for bisexual that have bad habit when have sex.

In daily life and date, more and more bisexual people find out their sexuality are falling. Have a bad effect on the orgasm’s coming. It has a very direct relationship with the habits. So what is the worst sex habit?

Bad habit 1: Touch your partner or lover without washing hands.


Needless to say, everyone knows it’s bad. However, sometimes driven by the desire to forget to clean first. Especially the newly married lovers and new date partners. They often have sex improvised. But be aware that the sensitive parts of the body are also very sensitive to bacteria. If you do not pay attention to health, bacteria will take advantage of vaginal infections, pelvic inflammatory disease and so on. This is why so many bisexuals afraid to looking for match on the date site. Sometimes the one harmed you is not the date, it’s just a habit.
Tips: Clean your hand is the basic requirement if you have no time to take a bath.

Bad habit 2: Take emergency contraception frequently.


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Young greedy couple want the best pleasure, don’t use condoms. So the woman will take emergency contraceptives to avoid unwanted pregnancies. However, there is no one medicine could ensure safety. Medication occasionally is acceptable, but if you do it frequent, it is a great damage to woman’s body. Long-term use will be drug resistance, could not achieve the role of contraception. This also a tips for bisexual woman who want have a date with someone meet on the date site. Self-protection is one kind of status. Keep this status moment by moment you will have a wonderful life. And enjoy any kind of date.
Tips: If you really want have sex without using condoms, then you’d better eat the contraceptives, you can also take an injection to contraception. According to the effects it can be divided into weeks, month or half year. For couples, condom is the best choice.

Bad habit3:Drink cold drinks immediately after having sex.

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Sweat a lot after having sex, you suddenly want to drink water. Partner give you a bottle of water from freezer immediately. The result is: you’ll feel uncomfortable next day. Drink cold drinks after having sex not only comes easily to stomach trouble, but also it is harm for spread body.
Tips: If you love him/her, prepare some warm water of other hot drinks.

Good life is come from handing of details. Notice the tips, it’s useful in daily life and the new date.

Bi woman could do Four things to care themselves after having sex.

There are many benefits for the bi people that having sex in a stable frequency. But no matter you have married or single that have different partners every day. Remember to do these things will have a good effect on your body.

Drink a cup of water at 40℃.


beautiful young beautiful woman drinking fresh water on white

Have not think about it? When you have a bisexual dating with a perfect partner, your spirit will still keep exciting. In the process of have sex not only your emotion will go to the extreme, but also your digestive system followed the excitement. Gastrointestinal blood vessels are in an expanded state. This time, it is best to drink a glass of warm water about 40℃. Relieve gastrointestinal tension, repair gastrointestinal mucosa.

Stretching the uterus.


After sexing, uterus is also in an excited state which is the best time to stretch the uterus. Not only could maintenance the uterus, but also could enhance sexuality. And the method is very simple, separate knees, kneeling on the bed naturally. Then try to straighten the waist and bend forward, so that the face and chest are as close as possible to the bed. Try to feel the feeling that uterus stretch with body.

Shower with alternation hot and cold water.

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Many people were like to take a bath right now after having sex. You can choose shower with alternation hot and cold water for 5 minutes. It will bring you unexpected benefits. Include stimulate the new cells and enhance sexual performance.

Enjoy sunbathing

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If your date time during daytime, then compart to sleep, it is recommended that to enjoy the sun outdoors. Energy from nature, not only to activate your body’s immune cells, but also make your sympathetic nerve and parasympathetic more coordinated. Make your mood as good as your body. Do you remember all the things? If you want to know all the things about improve the quality of sexual life, welcome to join the bisexual dating site!