The Top 4 misunderstand to bi-man and gay.

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In the past few years, sex therapists and sex researchers have raised concerns about male sexuality. What they want to explore is: what is the nature of the male sex? What does it mean? Where is the root of it? How to solve the conflict of sexual desire? These problems are not only closely related to men; also their partners should pay attention to them.

As we know, women’s emotional experience and language skills are indeed beyond male. And sex therapists have been working on improve men’s ability to get women’s heart. It is undeniable that this is really important. Another point of view, we want to know how to promote women to understand men. For this purpose, I have listed the ten misunderstandings about men.

1. The man is either gay or bisexual if he like male.
Not necessarily. As far as we know, many men are attracted by gay – yes gay, not men. Obviously this situation will make a lot of people confused. The researchers have a better understanding of male “sexual mobility”. On this point, the book “Husband is gay or bisexual? – the identification manual to his wife.” has been in – depth explanation. In short, some men never take the initiative to contact gay. Also they are not gay or bisexual; but they found that the idea of have sex with male could cause their sexual desire. Sometimes they really to do it. This phenomenon is no longer special.

2. Bisexual is a liar.
Wrong! Like all straight men and women, bisexual men are able to be honest with their partner. The problem is that they lack a firm conviction so that they are easily lie to the partner. This is like that there is a person, he like both red – haired women and black – haired women. He will always date with red – haired women after married with black – haired women.
Many people think that bisexual is gay. Which is a big mistake. Bisexuality is one of the legitimate sexual orientations. Indeed, some gays think that they were bisexual at first. Some bisexual men will not be confessed to their favorite women. They will not betray their girlfriend; they are worried that if she know they are bisexual whether she will leave them.

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3. When the male indulge in pornographic film, he will love the movie better than real wife.
David Ley wrote a good book. This book humorously discussed the question. The book says that in men’s mind pornography and wife is like apples and oranges – – he like both. That’s all.

4. If a man wants anal sex, he must be bisexual or gay.
Many people think so. Buttocks have no sexual orientation. Gay not only refers to a sexual act; it closely linked the lover and identity. In turn it is like that if a gay refused to anal sex, then he is straight.


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