How does the prejudice to bisexuality come about?

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So called prejudice have few kinds of basic particularity:

The first particularity of prejudice: “Speculate without real evidence”. A person who makes his own preferences, tendencies or opinions before making evidence, investigation and mastery of sufficient arguments.

E.g. Many people don’t meet a gay or bisexual before. But they said that bisexual don’t exist and gay is the people with a strange behavior. They would get away from LGBT anytime and anywhere! Maybe is the good luck of LGBT people.

The second particularity of prejudice: “exaggerate the subjective thought”. It can be called “cognitive bias”. Make a partial interpretation of the bisexual groups through insufficient experience and the facts without enough representative.

E.g. Maybe they ever heard that bisexual is attracted by both male and female. They will think that all bisexual would like to have 3some date. And bisexual often betrayal their partner.

The third particularity of prejudice: “Selective acceptance”. Also called confirmation bias. When we have a view we will always accept the favorable explanation for us and ignore, exclude those who oppose us. Even if we know that our views are too one-sided.

E.g. Some bosses knew that hiring bisexuals or homosexuals would not cause damage to their business. But they will still insist on firing LGBT. It seems like that LGBT’s work before came out make them lose a lot of business.

In short, prejudice is a very subjective, lack of objective evidence of personal opinion. And the expansion of the interpretation will turn to general facts which as a measure of value. Small prejudices are harmless. But some prejudice may cause harm to many groups. Such as the racial discrimination, orientationism and other discrimination.

People are biased, regardless of the level of cognitive ability.
In the minds of ordinary people, the relationship between prejudice and cognitive ability is inversely proportional. The less cognitive ability the more likely be biased. In fact, people are biased, regardless of the level of cognitive ability. The difference is that the tendency to bias is different.

Those who are highly cognitive, their prejudices are more of a social impact. For example, they oppose orientationism. They advocate the freedom of individual choice. Everyone should have the right to be the person they want to be. Straight, bisexual and gay are equal.

In contrast those who are low cognitive, their prejudices are more of groups. More prejudice is to distinguish you and me. Giving positive prejudice to objects that are in the same group and giving negative prejudice to groups that are different with themselves. Who is in the different groups? The answer is obviously, bisexual, gay, lesbian transgender, asexual and other groups.
Prejudice is a real existence. The time we construct our worldview, the prejudice is growing up little by little. From the perspective of social psychology, the existence of prejudice makes it easier for people to make up groups. No matter what your group is please don’t hurt anyone with your prejudice.


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