Whether gay can date with bisexual or straight?

As we know heterosexual only date with heterosexual is as a general rule. Gay’s date rule is as same as straight, and they could only date with gay. Do you agree with this view?

If there is a general rule, there usually have some special rules. Many straights are interested in gay’s date. But it doesn’t means they are bisexual. It’s a kind of curious just like bi-curious. They want to join a gay’s date or bisexual’s date, 3some date. Some research studies show that many heterosexuals would like to date with same sex sometimes. For these heterosexuals, it’s really a difference sexual experience.

Why gays are willing to date with heterosexuals? They have no experience of gay’s date. They even don’t know what to do while join the date. However it is precisely that the reason why they can attract gay is they have no experience. No experience means curious, interesting, so that both sides could feel that they find a new land. They could bring exciting feeling to each other. If you are bored to the normal life and want have a date with gay or lesbian, you can try it. But you’d better know what you’ll never do.

Bisexual is an amazing sexual orientation. The characters of bisexual make it have many kind of choices. But bisexual also have sexual tendency. In fact everyone sexual orientation is flowed. One side is male and another side is female. Bisexual’s sexual orientation close to the middle point. In most cases bisexual will choose a sexual orientation and have a relationship. They may be gay, lesbian or heterosexual in this situation. So that bisexual is more likely to date with straight people. A few bisexuals couldn’t identify their sexual orientation clear, or just like this feeling that can love both male and female. Because in their eyes, male and female are one kind of sexual orientation.

Does it possible that three sexual orientation people could date together? Of cause, yes! A bisexual could date with straight or gay. If you would like to have a threesome date, you may experience a three sexual orientation date. But be careful of whom you will date with. And make sure you can protect yourself.


Why do many bisexual & gay relationship couldn’t last a long time? (Part Two)

At last article, we discussed that why so many bisexual & gay relationship couldn’t last a long time? Does it make you despair? Do we have no solution?

The situation looks like desperate. It seems that any bisexual & gay relationship will turn to insipid, baldness, tasteless as time goes on. However, we could take the initiative to make the relationship have interesting.

Come out of the “comfort zone” of the relationship at first.
Many couples turn the love to some kind of habit in a relationship. There are many fixed things in daily life. Watch movie at weekend, have a good dinner on day of commemoration. The restaurant is fixed. The line is fixed. Even the way of kiss, hug are fixed model. Every time you repetitive the same things day in and day out. Do you think it’s a stable life? The stable life may destroy the surprise and accident. At the same time it destroy the fun of life.

Try to appeal to your partner every day.
When you live together for a long time, have not make trouble to your partner is a grace for him/her. Do you once have the thought? You should know that you can live together as gay or bisexual couple is really an amazing thing. So don’t try to destroy anything. Try to build good relationship. A cup of tea, a carefully prepare dinner is very simple thing but make your partner feel been loved. The more you do to your partner you will get more happiness I think.

Improve your “sex attraction” to your gay & bisexual partner.
Everyone have “sexual desire”. This is the basic requirement of a human. But the “sexual desire” is keeping reduce as time pass by. It’s important for gay & bisexual couples to think that how to keep your “sex attraction” to your partner. Keep a good image always a good idea. Love isn’t continual; it’s make up with countless “heart beat fast” moment and daily chores. The reason way many gay & bisexual couple feel bored to the relationship is that they could only feel the daily chores. But cannot feel the “heart beat fast” moment. This is what the love really need.

No matter you are single or in a relationship. I think your life need some “heart bet fast” moment. Try to find the one who can give you this feeling. Want have some fun with bisexual, want have a relationship with gay, want find a gay & bisexual to chat with; come to onlybidating.com is a good idea.

Why do many bisexuals & gays relationship couldn’t last a long time?

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At the start we meet someone bisexual or gay there seems to be many topics to talking about. It’s not enough to talk with each other three days and nights. He/she is like a magic hat, you always get surprise when you put your hands in it. As time goes on, you are familiar with each other, there is no unknown part to explore. The fresh feeling keep reducing with the time pass by. Both of you can say nothing more. Even stay at a room you will do the things independently of each other.

Why life become so bored when you live with each other for long time?
How many parts does vapidity between partners could be split to? The so-called bored could be split to three parts.
The first part is the speed of life style change slowly. What the bisexual & gay partner could attract you at the beginning are their special thought, life style, talk and so on. When two independent gays and bisexual get together; they could feel that their worlds are both extend. You could experience the life, thought of your partner. But when you know each other enough. You will find that you can hardly attract to each other.

The second part is reduced of the satisfaction. Every relationship (e.g. love, friendship, affection between family members) exist the reward and cost. We always try to pay out little to get most value relationship. The rewards include the emotional and material. The emotional reward could be the feeling of happiness and romance. Matter reward could be any gift your partner send to you. And the cost is the emotion and matter you have pay out. When you couldn’t satisfy the expectation of each other, the relationship may break.

The third part is reduced passion. Try to recall the memory of your first date with a gay or bisexual. Now, try to look at him/her. Does the feeling have changed?

If you want hold on your partner, there will be an article to teach you what you can do. If you want have a new relationship, I think the gay & bisexual date site could give you a great help.

Be a LGBT dancer who dancing in a storm.

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I love you, but there is a world between us.
I’m gay but you are straight.
I cannot own you in this life.
But you have owned my heart.

I love you, but there is a world between us.
I’m bisexual but you are straight.
I love you, but you don’t trust me.
At the moment I choose you, you have been my everything.

I love you, but there is a world between us.
I’m lesbian but you are straight.
You said that you want a broad chest, but I only have emaciated shoulder.
The day when you leaved, I cried at home.

I love you, but there is a world between us.
I cannot tell you I’m transgender.
I don’t want you look down upon me.
It’s enough for me could see you every day.

I love you, but there is a world between us.
There are someone build the world but not you and me.
I want to break out the world.
But I don’t have enough ability.

I love you, but there is a world between us.
I want to cross it.
But I cannot.
They said heterosexual identify is the traffic permit.

I love you, but there is a world between us.
I took heart of grace came out.
I wish you can understand me.
But I heared the word “stupid”.

I love you, but there is a world between us.
I meet someone at a LGBT date site.
He/she have same situation with me.
A storm is approaching, there have no place for us to elude.

We take hands of each other.
So that we will not wander off in the storm.
Let’s dance, he/she said.
We begin to move our feet.

I love you, but there is a world between us.
The world named “discriminate and prejudice”.
It’s too strong to defeat it.
But if we have a strong heart, the storm could be a background of our stage.
Let’s dance for all LGBT, in the storm that the world give us.

As a gay or bisexual have you been turned down?

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Have you ever showed your love to somebody or you never showed you love to anyone? Because you are afraid to failure. Do you think that as a “loser” you even shouldn’t exist? Have you ever been treated as air? Let’s change the question. Which one you prefer been treated as air or stranger?

Everyone will experience some failures. These kind of failures make us very sensitive to the things and people around us. We could notice every tiny act of others. There are so many broken wings of angels. How can we save the angels or ourselves?

Sometimes a little feedback could cure all the harm.
If someone crash on you but you doesn’t like her/him, tell them directly. Don’t treat them as air. At least, they could keep the self-esteem. Some gays or bisexuals may face the problem many times. No matter you are gay, bisexual or heterosexual, you may be excellent or normal. As an excellent gay or bisexual you may be loved by some heterosexuals. So they fall in love with you. How to refuse them but don’t hurt them is an important things. We call it kindness feedback.

Because when you fall in love with somebody, you will face the same situation. It’s difficult for a gay & bisexual to come out. Find a good gay & bisexual partner is also difficult. No one could promise that you will success. Have you ever been turned down? What’s your mind at that moment?

The LGBT’s life is very hard. Doesn’t mean they have a poor life quality. Opposite, most of them have a happiness life. But how to seek a satisfied partner is really hard. We can turn down others and could be turned down too. The more kindnesses we give to others the more courage we will get to looking for love.

How could he be gay!

Someone said that “Love is the attitude of one person to another, but not the response of one organ to another”. I think the sentence have annotated what is actually gay. But it’s really difficult to make everyone agree with it.

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Gay groups were been misunderstanding past and present. There is always a secret in their life. How about the future? Nobody knows. A famous bisexual people said that many people ask me “whether I should come out?” He usually tried to stop them at that time. “Because not everyone could face so much troubles with attic faith”. He said. In fact, he wish more and more gay and bisexual come out, so that there is no one need to come out.

There is no one want to be gay or bisexual. If there is a choice, no one will choose to be a different person. And live a difficult life than others. To be gay, bisexual or heterosexual is not a multiple choice. It’s that we born to be. Can you choose to be a male or female when you be born?

Homosexual and bisexual is not monster, they just happen fall in love with someone have same sex. Yes, many people cannot understand homosexual and bisexual. Did you have tried to understand them? There is no rule said that we must understand homosexual and bisexual, at least try to know them and understand them.

We all ordinary people on the earth. When we judge a person’s life, what he did is more important than who he was and his sexual orientation.

Do gay and bisexual sites worth to sign up?

As time goes on, many kinds of web site come out in our life.

There is Uber when you need to go out but don’t want to drive. There is online supermarket when you want to buy some food. Many services could be asked others to do for you. But however would you like to ask someone love your partner for you?

Obvious, the answer is no for most of people. Although living standards have been improving, but what make us feel more and more lonely? More and more people like traveling and sporting. I think most of them are trying to relax themselves. Because working under great pressure make them feel tired. But does it work? Walking alone, drinking alone, sleeping alone make someone going crazy. Especially, there are few LGBT communities in the city. Few communities couldn’t help all gay and bisexual people.

Many young bisexuals and gays are active in all kinds of bar and party. Having date every day. Then they tell the world that the life of gay and bisexual is very good. It seems that they join a utopia without annoyance. But when they stop, there is only void left beside. What is life? Everyone have different answer. I think at least there must have love in life, not just fun.

Bisexual and gay date site couldn’t make sure to find love for you. But it’s really a shortcut. Do gay and bisexual sites worth to sign up? I think the answer is yes. You can receive noticed at everywhere. They are all around you just like you have many gays and bisexuals neighbors. What you need do is picking out the one, two, three people…… you like. LGBT is absolutely a big group. All the hiding is just for better protection.


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Someone is shame to chat up others. But many gay and bisexual people don’t know where to chat up other gays and bisexuals. I think it’s the different between a straight and gay. Love is a right for human. No matter where you are and who you are. If you don’t say what you like to eat, the best cook can’t cooking what you love.

Desire make people become stronger. Love make people unstoppable. Begin from a date, fall in love at a walking under sunset. Choose your favorite bisexual and gay date site and sign up!