Why do many bisexuals & gays relationship couldn’t last a long time?

bisexual date with gay straight online site

At the start we meet someone bisexual or gay there seems to be many topics to talking about. It’s not enough to talk with each other three days and nights. He/she is like a magic hat, you always get surprise when you put your hands in it. As time goes on, you are familiar with each other, there is no unknown part to explore. The fresh feeling keep reducing with the time pass by. Both of you can say nothing more. Even stay at a room you will do the things independently of each other.

Why life become so bored when you live with each other for long time?
How many parts does vapidity between partners could be split to? The so-called bored could be split to three parts.
The first part is the speed of life style change slowly. What the bisexual & gay partner could attract you at the beginning are their special thought, life style, talk and so on. When two independent gays and bisexual get together; they could feel that their worlds are both extend. You could experience the life, thought of your partner. But when you know each other enough. You will find that you can hardly attract to each other.

The second part is reduced of the satisfaction. Every relationship (e.g. love, friendship, affection between family members) exist the reward and cost. We always try to pay out little to get most value relationship. The rewards include the emotional and material. The emotional reward could be the feeling of happiness and romance. Matter reward could be any gift your partner send to you. And the cost is the emotion and matter you have pay out. When you couldn’t satisfy the expectation of each other, the relationship may break.

The third part is reduced passion. Try to recall the memory of your first date with a gay or bisexual. Now, try to look at him/her. Does the feeling have changed?

If you want hold on your partner, there will be an article to teach you what you can do. If you want have a new relationship, I think the gay & bisexual date site could give you a great help.


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