Don’t become a lonely bisexuality.

bisexual dating site

Does someone stay with you while you stay awake?
Does someone will comfort you while you are grieved?
Does someone could learn about you while you want someone to talk with?
Don’t wait to be lonely, to recognize the value of a bisexual partner.

I and my friends come to the age which suddenly become lonely and feel no one to talk about late at night. I’m bisexual and I prefer male. My friends include gay, lesbian, bisexual and straight. All of us feel that there are less and less friends to get together. Most of us spend our time one the computer and phone.

Have you ever waiting for someone many years? It has nothing to do with gender and sexual orientation. There is a people living in everyone’s heart which one we are looking for. Some lucky guys find him/her very early in their life. But they are not learn how to value the best love. If you miss it, you almost lose it forever, since no one could take the place of him/her. This is the reason why some love stories make you shed tears.

We often says that living in the moment. Therefore I object waiting, I prefer active to do something. I want to find a bisexual partner. I want to try 3some dating. I want to date with hot bisexual woman. All these things won’t appear out of nowhere. I have tried to looking for hot woman on dating app. I have tried to match bisexual partner on bisexual dating site.

Although you may failure to find a right people. But since the day I came out I knew that I must hold chances in my hand. I fear nothing since I have to protect the one thing I can’t live without. I don’t want to be a lonely bisexual.


3 thoughts on “Don’t become a lonely bisexuality.

  1. I’ve been a bisexual 🌿man who has feminine tendencies and what to be with a man so bad that you can barely live with yourself. It’s time to do something the problem is I live in the middle of the bible belt and I have tried Craigslist and this is a joke for a real bi person who is really wanting to find a true honest man who is the same way that you are. And wants the same thing that you do. So please help me I’m begging you guys to please please please help me I don’t want to feel like this anymore and I am so lonely and in need of a nice man that will except the fact that I’m a submissive sissy who loves wearing panties, bras, and sexy lingerie is this possible oh how I hope.


    1. I want this s bad and I have just about given up on ever finding true happiness and the only way this will be able to happen is for me to find a masculine man to complement my being a submissive sissy type who loves to wear panties, bras, and lingerie is being like this acceptable in the bisexual community I really don’t know if I fit in as a bi man or trans?? or what am I gay I know that I have been married to women but I like men better. Where do I fit please help me to figure out who or what I am and where exactly do I fit. I know how I feel but I’m not sure HELP ME FIND OUT WHO I AM PLEASE I’m tried of not knowing


      1. At first, you should know that sissy man is not always bisexual man. You also may be straight or gay. There is no specific bondary. Sexual orientation is depend on your feeling about male and female. If you can’t identify yourself, i suggest you dating with male or female. And find out which one you are prefer to. If you can’t recognize it, you are just a sissy bisexual man. Don’t worry about it.


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