Bisexual Angel girl

Sometimes I feel alone when I walk in the park myself. Especially there are many couples on the road. But I lose my hand if someone intrudes my life. We must walk together, eat together and sleep together. I feel that I have no time to enjoy myself. When I have a love affair with a girl I feel constraint. That means we must adjustment our time together. So we can meet each other and do the favor things.

As time goes on some defects in our relationship are showing. Together with each other makes no secret between us. We didn’t want to explore the world opposite side. Something left is bored and quarrel. It’s the hardest thing to find the balance of sexual-relationship. More difficult thing I think is Bisexual-relationship. We don’t discuss right now.

Human is always the mystical species. No matter we have a bitter quarrel or have a nice date we will miss each other later. And I think this is the feeling to love someone. Mention above is my view of the sexual-relationship. It’s hardly to understand the logic. Because of my mind is chaotic.

Once I think I will keep single and cannot fall in love with anyone. It’s really a big trouble to me. Until I meet my angel a very lovely girl. If I’m an iceberg she is the sunshine warm and lightness. As others couples, we walk, eat together and watch movies. She is independent and knowing her own mind. Always face to others with lovely smile. She can arrangement all things well. But sometimes she is like a boy actually a monkey is more accuracy. And she often says “I’m a quiet girl” what I never believe.

She is really a careful girl. All details of life are in her mind. I must cook food for her because of she don’t like to eat take-out. I’m not favors to arrangement my dirty clothes. She cannot endure the behavior. So I must wash clothes everyday. As if she is a bossy girl from my words. I know that all her love around me. So that she can find out my defect. But she still stays with me. I think the true love isn’t looking for a perfect lover. It’s looking for a lover can share everything together and you can do anything for each other. As I say it’s not so easy. It’s more hardly to bisexual. They can hardly to find another bisexual even if they brush past ever.

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