Does bisexual’s “come out” should be intervened?

bisexual woman dating with lesbian woman
bisexual woman have fun with lesbian woman.

Whether bisexual should come out in work place is always a controversial topic. Supportive faction stand up to opposition faction as an equal. Many people even make a personal example as an effective means of convincing others. There are some researches show that bisexual’s income significantly lower than gay and straight 15% – 20%. The supportive faction consider that bisexual should have equal treatment. But whether to come out is personal decision. Let’s assume the researches are true. What is the reason that make bisexual have a lower income? It has nothing to do with personal abilities is affirmative. Therefore the answer obvious have more to do with human factor.

We often hear that bisexual is protecting their right through parade and protest. But do you know what kind of right they are protecting? Or you even don’t care about it at all. But I what I want say that it’s really important to all LGBT people. Not only the business of bisexual. Showing personal sexual orientation is not a problem but most people encountered intervened from others. Whether they are the knowing or the stranger. No one could bear this situation.

Therefore we could see the resister everywhere. Let’s take a look to the so called intervenor. On the surface they query about bisexual’s sexual orientation, on the other hand they looking for bisexual to have date in private. In fact, they have nothing against bisexual, the reason why they do that is want to cater to general public. So that they are looks like inconspicuous. Herd mentality is the nature of people. But few people realized that their behavior bring bisexual a great hurt. Many people who have a decent job are having a fast life. They matching threesome partners on dating sites and have several lover unless. Some bi-curious people often seeking dating with bisexual couples. No one could censure that they are wrong. Does it just because they didn’t come out? Having bisexual’s life but don’t come out as whichever of LGBT. This is the life of majority straight.

LGBT people’s life shouldn’t be intervened by others. Especially bisexual’s life, due to bisexual group is the one which are most questioned. Beyond all question, coming out on web is the best way to avoid these troubles. Individual privacy could get a good protection. Opposite, parade and protest produce very little effect. Because there is nothing need to be proved. All bisexual have to do is face the words of busybody.