I want to turn into a bisexual!

having sex with bisexual couples

I want to turn into a bisexual, just as the topic says. I don’t know when it starts, I have this idea. But now I do think so.

Are you smoking too much every day just like me? Every day I bury myself in lots of business, but many times I confused that I did it because of what. There is no clue to my life. In others’ eyes, I’m a yes-man. I have an easygoing personality and elegant, courteous to everybody. The only person know my sadness is myself. I was on the brink of collapse every moment. I can’t stand a little stimulation any more. I think I’m going to explode and I am badly in need of vent to my feelings.

Although there is great pressure in my heart. I still wouldn’t like to drink too much. Cause it is of no help to me. On the contrary it may make me more confused. Drunken promiscuity never happen to me. I wish I was clear thinking when I was doing anything. So that I won’t regret to anything I have done in the past. I’m a straight man, I don’t reject LGBT people but also have no yearning to build connection. I was curious to LGBT people, causing I haven’t contact a LGBT people before.

Until I joined a 3some dating. It’s a special dating for me, dating with two women who are not particularly sexy in others’ eyes. I don’t like the women who have a perfect figure like the “Victoria’s Secret Angels”. I like the plump women. You will feel comfortable during hugging them. I joined a bisexual dating site due to I’m bored and want find some fun. And luckily I matched two women. It came as a surprise that we have fun chatting at first time. My world is like the gray sky was painted colors. The beauties makes me forget everything. I think I really need such a dating for a complete relaxation.

looking for bisexual women and have 3some

At first they said that they are bisexual women. Want a mature, gentle man join their dating. They found me finally. I always thought I wasn’t the kind of man who was particularly attractive to girls. According to some situation, we are similar to each other. We found the common ground, I think this is so called resonance. There is no denying that I do very like the feeling. All the pressure has found a cathartic outlet then my heart is filled with fun. Have to say that they changed me and help me get a new life. No matter you are LGBT or straight, you all chase the simple fun while dating with someone who can catch your eyes. Either physically or mentally. If you’re dating someone for money, it’s a different story. I’m just ordinary people, I wonder occasionally when I can get rich overnight. But most of time I’m chasing simple happiness. I think dating with the favorite girl is such a simple happiness.

We can talk about anything without scruple, even the details and feelings of having sex. I don’t know what it’s like to fall in love with a same sex. They said it was special. Although I’m curious about it, but never dare to have a try. At that time I especially wish I were bisexual. Life is short, it is rare to have such a special experience.

Now we’ve been dating more than a dozen times. We are all satisfied with each other. I have to say, I like that feeling. They keeps looking for other dating partners, they date with both men and women.
What kind of 3 woman’s dating is like? I think only they know. We have our own work, and don’t interfere with each other. I think our relationship is more like friendship. I think I will have a date with bisexual couple if I’m ready someday. I’m going to lose my head when face a bisexual man alone.

Now I’m in love with my life, and I think that’s what life should be like. It’s everyone’s talent to make ourselves comfortable. I know I can’t be bisexual, but it’s ok to try bisexual dating.