Shout out or keep silence? – I’m bisexual!

People always can find out some new topics to talk about everyday. We hear the discussion on news, bus or in a coffee shop. Most of the discussions have nothing to do with us. For the most part of people talk about are gossip news and little nothings of life. But have you ever heard some discussion about special topic. For example, did you ever hear some one talking about bisexual?

Maybe you have ever heard that someone is talking about the superman. You don’t care about that. Because that the superman have nothing to do with you. It’s quite nature that people will not notice things have nothing to do with them. This is not inhospitality. The life is transitoriness just like snow, we don’t have redundant time to notice all the things happened around us. Like the hero only could take care of the people nearby in movies, much less for the normal people.

11899996_1085209348163602_3555969661779713398_nSometimes you can hear that someone talking about bisexual. They criticize the bisexual and enumerate the shortcoming of bisexual in public. What do you think about at the same time? Put a bold face on it and go on to drink your tee or retort them by tough words. No matter which way you choose to face the situation, the thing is connection to you. Because that you don’t ignore it as worthless information. You are thinking about how to face it. It takes your time. This is the most difference between things you concerned or not.

So let’s talk about your choice, shout out or keep silence? Yeah, in fact it’s difficult to give the right answer. No matter which one you choose you cannot solve the problem perfect. If you shout out to the people talking about bisexual, you will quarrel with each other. And no problems have been solved. If you keep silence, it’s feeling unwell to your heart. We know that everything can not break away from the fate, talked about by people. It’s not only a bad thing but also it’s good for bisexual. People talk about the bisexual means that they are taking care of it. They are spending time to think about bisexual. No one is perfect, the same to bisexual. Some people talk about the bad thing and some people talk about the good thing. So if you are a bisexual, neither to shout out them nor keep silence. You can join their discussion as a bisexual. Understand what they are thinking about so that you can retort them. Listening is more important than talking.

Take no notice of the useless information. Your time is valuable. Spend it on enjoy life, and looking for your happiness. Who can call into question your life when everyone admires it? Live as a happiness people, live as a happiness bisexual!



What is life? Why we live here? What should we do in the left life?

I cannot answer any question. There is one thousand people and have one thousand answer. Even an ant has a wonderful life. How about human! Work is the whole life of the ant. But human have their own mind. The life cannot be full up with work. We need rest. We want to explore new word. We will enjoy the beautiful of nature. We must challenge the limit of our body.

But the most important thing in out life is love. Someone’s love is raveling and exploring the amazing nature. Someone’s love is live with family enjoy the happiness. But for few people, their love is domination the word. Most of people want simple life. A %d0%b1%d0%b5%d0%b7-%d0%bd%d0%b0%d0%b7%d0%b2%d0%b0%d0%bd%d0%b8%d1%8f-1house keeping out the storm, enough food, no pain and illness. For bisexual, the life have a little blemish. Yes, two partners, maybe only one. It doesn’t matter.

It’s depending on bisexual. As I know not all bisexual love boy and girl. They can be inclined to boy or girl. It looks like the homosexual but not indeed. There is a difference between them. If you want know the difference. Come to the site onlybidating, any question about bisexual will find answer. Of course the site isn’t an encyclopedia. But there are ten thousands bisexual members in the site from pole to pole. Chat with them not only you can find the answer of your problem, but also you can meet right bisexual friends and have nice date. We know that we live don’t mean we should live. It means we should enjoy the life. We have only one chance.

There are only several tens of years in our life. Except the vampire, they can live forever. No time to sad. We should follow the heart. To be the one who we are. To be a happiness bisexual.

Wish hand in hand with you as Bisexual!

9897FBCE24A25A8B094AE4CC4697D58CWhen i see the picture, someplace in my heart is been touched.  How much they want to hand in hand like normal lovers!!! but they cannot. Man A want to break loose from Man B’s hand. But his hand is been catched firmly by Man B. I wish all lovers in the world can live together forever.

No matter where you come from and no matter what’s your name. There is one thing between us are same. We all need love. Different from the food, water, air we cannot live without these things in few days or few minutes. Without love we will not die and we can live like before. It looks like there has nothing happened. Someone think bisexual can live as usual without love. Because that they can love both boy and girl. But in fact, when lose love the pain of heart more than to dies one hundred times.

The people that never get true love sees no need for grieved when lose love. But they must know the story of Romeo and Juliet. Everyone ever heard the story feel sad. Why we feel sad? There is no relationship between us and the leading role. Even no one meet them before. The reason is that we can feel the love between Romeo and Juliet. Likes we breathe automatic. We love the niceness. And don’t want to see it been broken. The love between bisexuals has no different to others. The love is true. It’s one of the most niceness things.

We feel beautiful image when girl and boy hand in hand on the street. But most people feel strange when they see two boys hand in hand. They cannot accept the action. The dislikeable feeling increase several times over when they see two boys kisses. They only care about the movement. Never think about that it is full of love inside the action. The meaning of the movement has no difference with others’. The only difference is that the movement happened on two boys. It’s the reason why bisexual’s love is difficult.

No right of speech when you don’t have investigation. I cannot understand why people criticism bisexual. Bisexual have nothing to do with them. There isn’t any official report show endanger of bisexual. The dissenter even cannot offer powerful report to explain the reason why against bisexual.

If you are bisexual. You don’t need to feel inferior. Don’t be shame and you just need to release yourself. Give the best love to your sweetie. This is the power of every legal freeman. Remember the words “you can laugh me, but my love is true”. As is know to everyone, is difficult to find right one. Don’t worry you are not single. The platform is set for bisexual, bi man&bi woman, bi couples and bi-curious. Thousands of bi people are here and waiting for your message. Convenience and safe is most important to the site. Best luck to you!!!

BisexualMeet Dating

Today let’s talk about why people cannot accept different species in their group. Such as someone will be pushed out when he/she show preeminent ability.


That’s because the ability of all member in the group keeps balance. No one is special. But others will feel to be menaced when someone in the group shows preeminent ability. So all normal will push out the special one that they can feel safe. It’s easy to be understood. This behavior depends on the inferiority complex of normal person. Their life goes smooth if there is no different species. Everyone works when he is working. Everyone get off work when he gets off work. But they feel been hurt when they discover someone keep working after getting off work.

In their mind people should do things in logical order. Everyone is same so that they cannot feel pressure of work. But someone try the best to work can take them big pressure of work. They will think about the man is showing to everyone that he is more hardworking than others. The opposite comes out. The old team will try to isolate the specie one. Until he dare not to be different species.


It’s unfair to the different species. He just wants to work hard. Then he will discover that nobody talked with him and nobody helped him when he met difficulty. He must live like others everyday until no difference with them. This is the reason why someone doesn’t dare to show ability. He afraid to be the one been pushed out.

People often like to classification others according to some model or trait. And mark the people similar with himself. Classification these people to the same type and decide others with the standard. Because human is very complex and hard to understand. They customize the standard to helping discern others fast.

When the different special comes out they feel dread. For example someone play game everyday but he can get 100 score in the final exam. And you study hard but get 90 score. You will think that he must cheat in the exam. You try to gain over others to believe in your standpoint.

This point of view is tenable to Bisexual. Everyone have a girlfriend/boyfriend but for Bisexual they can have both. Someone think it’s abnormal. Because he cannot do that love a girl and the same time love a boy. So he is trying to foment others to against Bisexual. More and more people believe him as time goes on. Some day Bisexual began to doubt themselves. No one will help you when you give up yourself.

What I want to say is everyone is free nobody have the power to change other’s choose. Love what you are really loves. Follow your heart. To be a bisexual is not a bad thing.

BisexualMeet Dating

I never think that I will Know Bisexual someday. There are a lot of amazing people in the world like black people, white people and Bisexual. Bisexual have no different with others. I think they are explorer to find out the secret of human. There is no exactly data have reported to show how many Bisexual in the world.27

In my opinions the Bisexual is non-countable. Because of lots of people cannot realize they are Bisexual. They can live as a normal many years if no one tells them the impress of Bisexual.

There is a story about a Bi-man. He has a girlfriend during the college time. Then the girl said good-bye to him. The boy has been feeling flat. Until another boy we called boy-B comes out. Boy-B is cooking for him everyday, walking and talking with him. They live together after months later. Finally the boy has finding out that he is loving man. A Bi-man is realizing.

Most of this situation the boy will have another girlfriend. But boy-B changes the result. Not every relationship has a boy-B. So that I don’t think every Bisexual can realize the truth.

In other words, there are many Bisexual are still live as normal. It’s not a bad thing. Bisexual comes out from ancient time in Rome and China have a lot of records. It’s has a long history. The scientist work out that there is about 0.4% man and 0.9% woman are Bisexual in America. Even with different country, environment and culture the proportion of Bisexual is correspond roughly to America.


Bisexual is the aggregation of heterosexuality and homosexual. I cannot understand the feeling of Bisexual. But I think they can find the lover more easily. Somebody think that every Bisexual is like threesome but I don’t think so. Every one has itself love and no matter what the chose is.All guesses cannot change the real heart for love.

Although the quantity of Bisexual is thin but to exist is reasonable. We need them to help exploring human. Just like exploring the potential of brain.

Not all Bisexual want to self-revelation. Some Bisexual prefer to living as normal. They find the life they really want. It’s a good thing.

Also a part of Bisexual doesn’t shame to show the sexual orientation. In their opinions this is a kind of fashion. And it’s very cool. Most of those people are young. In the age of open our mind and release heart. They can receive new thought very fast. There are more and more people like to join reality TV show. It doesn’t mean people have no sense of shame. Now they prefer to show the truth of a human. It’s meaning we get a big progress when we can accept all different minds with an undisturbed heart. Not only Bisexual but also all things happened on us.

Anyway, best wishes to Bisexual. It’s really hard to find another Bisexual as one of them. Come here if you need help.

Alone Bisexual Dating

Today I see a dialog is that Just being here with you is all the meaning I need. I agree with the dialog as a Bisexual.


Sometimes we live alone but it doesn’t mean we are lonely. We have so many things to do. Shopping, walking in the park, cooking at home etc. We can do anything we want.u=463202149,26309068&fm=21&gp=0.jpg

This is normal status to be a free people. No one can disturb us. I like basking on sofa very much. I can stay on sofa all day and play my phone. It makes me comfortable. Without friends, dinner party, noise. The feeling is like the time goes slowly. So I will not thinking as a Bisexual.
It’s a pity I cannot live alone all the time. I must work, join party and play with my friends. Actually, no one can live alone in the word. As a normal person, we will come to social finally.u=2297350792,3882233797&fm=21&gp=0

I’m desired love so much but it’s hardly to find the right people as a Bisexual. I try to find girlfriends. But it seems that they can hardly to understand me. Not for the sexual orientation. But we cannot make our mind unification. There is an unseen river between us. All the loves end in fail.

I think it’s good for us. At least we still have chance to find the right one. I have a mind that if there is another Bisexual is looking for me. Face the same situation. The most difficult is how we can find each other.

We admire the lovers so much when we walk alone the street and watch they are hand in hand. In summer they can eat ice-cream together. In winter they snuggled up together for warmth but we can rub hands and stamp. They said the god close the door but open the window for you. I want to ask the god that where is my window. I cannot recognize the Bisexual even we brush past.


If you really want have a dating. But have the problem like me. You should not worry about it. The onlybidating is a professional website for all Bisexual to looking for date. Hundreds of people come here with same purpose. They don’t like the unchangeable life. Open the window and join us.