What is the experience of having having threesome dating with grilfriend?

having a bisexual girlfriend

I’m a 28 – years – old man. My girlfriend is three years younger than me, she is an open-minded bisexual woman.Before me she had several partners, include bisexual men and lesbian. Despite all this, she is very loyal to our relationship. After several years struggle, she was tired to that kind of complicated life. Then we met each other.

She works in a clothing store and looks kind of sweet. I was captivated by her at first sight. She became my girlfriend half year later. She was honest to our relationship, and told me that she was bisexual woman. As time went on, I learned more about her. She had an impressive gay love affair. She spent three years with a lesbian. Finally, because the girl suspected she had a relationship with another man, she broke up.

She was once troubled by the identity of bisexual, but it turned out that was her own thoughts. She said that her life began to be different after meeting me. She used to like the heavy metal music, saying that kind of music was very stirring. But now she’s hooked on country music. I can feel the charming temperament that reveal from her. It’s hard to imagine what kind of girl she was.

If you think that our story ends here, you’re wrong. The story is just beginning. Though she seems to have had a change of character, but she is bisexuality can’t be changed. Yes, she is still interested in pretty girls. If she’s doing this to another man, I would be very unhappy. But she loves women, I can’t even voice my jealous. She never asked me to join their dating. She goes shopping, watch movies, have yoga classes, etc with her “girlfriend”. And she always spends more time with me.

Most of the time, I was really curious about them. I’m not a nerd who doesn’t know anything. I know what bisexuality is, and I also know that two girl could have sex. Sometimes I want to ask for joining their dating, that’s real 3some dating. Every time I think about it, I feel guilty. Until one day I went back to our apartment, I saw two girls in pajamas looking at me, I know that my hope come true.